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About Us

​The Home-based Business Chamber was established in September 2008, although the official anniversary is November. 

The mission of the Home-Based Business Chamber of Commerce is to advance and promote the growth and economic environment for home-based businesses through services, education, development and networking opportunities.

The Home-based Business Chamber of Commerce seeks out those businesses who are typically overlooked by potential customers, vendors, and partners because of their lack of visibility.

About Our President

​Beverly H. Anderson is the founder and president of the Home-based Business Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Anderson has operated her administrative and bookkeeper service since 1996. Understanding the general challenges of advertising facing home-based business owners and freelancers, the Home-based Business Chamber is designed to be a vehicle for EXPOSURE. Besides exposure, the Chamber offers a wide-range of training and devepment opportunities for current and potential home-based and small business owners, including those interested in establishing non-profit organizations.

* BA degree in English/Seconard Education
* MBA in Human Resource Management
* Pursuing a PhD in Management and Organizational Development

Professional Memberships
* American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
* Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives and Professionals
* National Association of Professional Women

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The Home-based Business Chamber is looking for exciting enterpreneurs interested in developing a local chapter in your city or town. Become a part of this growing national organization.

Contact us for more information or click here to download the guidelines or submit an Application of Interest.

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Business Affiliates

Introducing our NEW  Greenpreneurs


Our mission is to advance and promote the successful growth of sustainable home-based green businesses,through, education, development and networking opportunities.   

Our goal is to educate the world on green products and services for consumers purchase, creating green jobs, and saving our environment.

Please contact us for more information about membership.

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Home-based Biz Tip

Often times home-based business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs miss several critical tax issues. There are many legal deductions available such as health insurance payments, home office deductions, charitable contributions, and more.

Common tax forms used by home-based business owners are Sch C Profit or Loss From Business, Form 8829 Expenses for Business Use of the Home, Sch SE Self-Employment Tax.

Visit the IRS website or browse their extensive video library.


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